Saturday, December 3, 2022


Rayagada History

The city of Rayagada was founded by King Vishwanath Dev Gajapati (1527-1531 CE) of the Suryavansh Shankara dynasty of Nandapur-Jeypore Kingdom. It served as the capital of an extensive dominion that stretched from the confines of Bengal to Telangana in the south and was a great center of trade and commerce in the coastal regions of the country.

There was also a fort constructed by the king and a row of shrines built along the river Nagavali including the temple of Majjhigarhiani who was considered the guardian deity of the place. Until 1947, the city was in the domains of the Jeypore Maharajahs.

Coordinates: 19.17°N 83.42°E